fronius ambient temperature sensor

Integrating sensors into a PV system enables additional measured values, such as irradiation and ambient temperature, to mention just a couple, to be recorded.

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Various sensors can be installed into the Fronius DATCOM system. These permit an in-depth look into the way the PV system works and make it possible to draw informed conclusions about the overall performance. As usual, this option is available either as a plug-in card or as box. Plug-in cards are recommended for a maximum distance of 65 – 100ft between the inverter and sensor(s). Larger distances can be bridged using the box.

Fronius Sensor Card / Box

Using the Fronius Sensor Card / Box, sensors can be integrated into the Fronius DATCOM system to measure:


Ambient temperature

Module temperature

Energy counter

Wind speed


The following sensors are available for measuring additional data for your monitoring system.

IRRADIATION SENSORThe Irradiation Sensor sensor is for measuring the irradiated energy and is in most cases fixed on the frame of the solar module.

Comparison of the irradiated power to thus of the inverter gives a rapid overview on the proper operation of the PV-system.

Mounting tip:  The sensor comes fixed onto an aluminium profile with an 6 mm hole. Thus screwing onto the module frame is very easy. Please mind, that the sensor does not cast any shadow on the module.


Due to its large temperature range the ambient temperature sensor is suited for measuring outside temperature as well as room temperature.

Mounting tip:  For this sensor, there is no special mounting construction. The ambient temperature sensor can e.g., simply be placed under the pv- modules.


In general the Module Temperature Sensor measures the temperature on surfaces. By fixing the sensor on the back side of the pv-module, the module temperature can be told.

The temperature of the pv-module is one of the decisive facts for the power output. By supervision, the pv-owner can draw conclusions to the performance of the power chart.


The Wind Speed Sensor measures exactly the speed of wind.

It is a useful in combination to the other sensors and to complete the private weather station

Product Weight 0.180 lbs
Product Depth 8.000 inches
Product Height 1.000 inches
Product Width 5.000 inches


See downloads for details.


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