Growatt Shine WiFi-X for Xseries on Grid Inverters


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Growatt ShineWiFI-X – Dongle for connecting Growatt inverter into networks. The WiFi is connected quickly and easily – this is now possible with the Growatt WiFi stick. So that you always have your PV system in view.

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Growatt Shine Wifi X

This product connects the RS-232 port of a Growatt inverter via the LAN standard 802.11 b / g / n with a router.


  • Inverters of the Growatt -X series are suitable for this stick
  • The dongle is plugged into the existing RS-232 port and establishes the connection via a LAN router
  • The data of the connected inverters is saved for 30 days, even in the event of an internet failure

The distance between the Shine WiFi X is approx. 200m in freefield. In buildings with walls between the the Stick and the router the range can drop to 30m.

Several Shine Wireless WiFi X can be registered on the router.

The “Shine Phone” software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
After installation and registration, the inverter or PV system data is displayed.


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