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Ultrasun 200L Standard Flat Plate Direct Solar Water Heater

  1. Introducing the Ultrasun 200L Standard Flat Plate Direct Solar Water Heater, an eco-friendly solution for efficient water heating.
  2. This high-quality solar heater is designed to harness the power of the sun, providing an ample supply of hot water while reducing energy costs. With its flat plate design, it maximizes solar absorption for optimal performance. Enjoy the benefits of sustainable heating with the Ultrasun 200L.

KSh 203,000.00


Ultrasun 200L Standard Flat Plate Solar Water Heater: Embrace Eco-Friendly Excellence

Harnessing Solar Energy for Superior Water Heating

Efficiency and Innovation Unite

Introducing the Ultrasun UFS Flatplate Solar hot water system—an embodiment of economy, performance, and enduring quality. With our Open Loop thermosyphon design, water flows seamlessly through collectors into the tank, always ready to meet your needs. Explore a myriad of features that unequivocally position Ultrasun as the ultimate choice for sustainable water heating.

Key Features That Illuminate Your Choice:

  1. Robust Storage Tank: Crafted with Durability in Mind
    • SUS304 stainless steel inner cylinder enclosed in an insulated galvanized steel casing
    • Long lifespan and excellent heat retention ensured
  2. Ultra High Efficiency Collectors: Innovating Energy Capture
    • Copper pipes ultrasonically welded onto a black chrome backplate
    • Encased in high transmittance glass for exceptional energy conversion
  3. Complete Copper Piping: Prioritizing Ease of Operation
    • Insulated copper pipes with engineered fittings, pressure release valve, and drain cock
    • Seamlessly ensuring hassle-free operation and maintenance
  4. Sturdy Mounting Frame: Stability Meets Practicality
    • Galvanized mounting frame for precise positioning and stability
    • Reflects commitment to convenience and durability

Tailored Sizing, Infinite Versatility:

Meeting Every Need

Choose from three sizes tailored to cater to specific domestic and small-scale institutional needs.

Optimal Operating Conditions:

Performance at Its Peak

For optimal and consistent performance, adhere to specific limits:

  • Maintain clear water
  • TDS levels below 600mg/l
  • Hardness levels under 200mg/l CaCO3
  • Saturation index above 0.8

Max. Operating Temperature: Versatile Adaptability

Handle temperatures up to 150°C without compromise—evidence of our system’s adaptability.

Max. Operating Pressure:

Built to Handle Pressure

Engineered to thrive in conditions with pressures of up to 6 bar, reflecting its robust design.

Experience the Ultrasun Advantage:

A Future-Powered Choice

Elevate your water heating experience with Ultrasun UFS Flatplate Solar hot water systems.


Ultrasun 200L Standard Flat Plate Direct Solar Water Heater is available at the best price in Nairobi and major cities in Kenya at SolarShop Africa.

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