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Ultrasun 150L UFS150D Standard Flat Plate Direct Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters form a major component I’m modern residences. With rising cost of energy and the need for energy independence, they have become the entry level to reducing home energy costs and sustainability.

The systems have long live expectancy, minimal servicing and parts replacement and are simple to install and maintain. The ultrasun brand of Solar Water heaters is supplied with 5 years of warranty with systems varying from fresh water based and saline water based.

KSh 176,320.00 KSh 199,000.00


Ultrasun 150L UFS150D Standard are among the most popular solar water heating systems in the Kenyan Market. They are made in China and are pocket friendly. Experience Unrivalled Efficiency and Durability with Ultrasun UFS Flatplate Solar Hot Water Systems. The innovative heaters combine top-tier performance and exceptional value for long-lasting use. Designed with an Open Loop thermosyphon design, water flows through collectors, ready for use.

Ultrasun 150L UFS150D Standard has the following Key Features

  • Heavy-duty storage tank: SUS304 stainless steel inner cylinder encased in insulated galvanized steel.
  • Ultra-high efficiency solar collectors: Capillary copper pipes ultrasonically welded on black chrome backplate, covered by high transmittance glass.
  • Insulated copper pipe: Complete with compression fittings, pressure release valve, and drain cock.
  • Galvanized mounting frame: Ensures stability and reliability.

Available in three sizes to match domestic and small-scale institutional needs, Ultrasun UFS Flatplate Systems guarantee trouble-free operation. Backed by a 5-year warranty, these robust products ensure peace of mind.

Optimal Operating Conditions:

  • Water quality: Ensure pre-treatment for water clarity, TDS < 600mg/l, hardness < 200mg/l (CaCO3).
  • Saturation Index: > 0.8
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 150°C
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 6 bar

Discover the future of solar hot water. Choose Ultrasun UFS Flatplate Systems for unmatched performance and quality assurance.

Ultrasun 150L UFS150D Standard Flat Plate Direct Solar Water Heaters are available at the best price in Nairobi and major cities in Kenya at SolarShop Africa.

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