Suntree 63A Solar 2 Pole DC MCB

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Suntree 63A Solar 2 Pole DC MCB Description


  1. Amperage Rating: This MCB has a 63A (63 Amperes) rating. This rating signifies the maximum current it can handle without tripping, ensuring protection within appliances or electrical equipment in solar systems.
  2. Pole Configuration: a 2-pole MCB which means it can simultaneously disconnect two conductors in the DC control circuit, typically used in solar applications.
  3. DC Control Circuit: The MCB is specifically designed for direct current (DC) control circuit applications. In solar systems, where DC power is prevalent, these MCBs help protect against overcurrent situations.
  4. Application: These MCBs are commonly used in various solar system setups, including:
    • Solar Off-grid Systems
    • Solar On-grid Systems
    • Wind Solar Hybrid Systems
    • Any other DC circuit applications within solar setups.


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