Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries

Cell Sunlight 6V 6RES OPzV 380 Ah (As per Data sheet)
The price is Ksh 46,000 each Battery and Minimum Set= 12 Batteries for 24 volts

KSh 69,900.00 KSh 79,900.00


Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries

Solar Battery deep cycle maintenace free Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries


The Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries is an advanced cost efficient solution ideal for energy storage that demand long cycle life. The SOPzS deep discharge batteries with tubular lead plates with 2500 cycles at 50% discharge(DOD). They are made of durable hard shell, closed without the need for maintenance

*Made in Greece with 1 year warranty.

** You can increase the warranty to 2 years with the purchase of specific base for installing batteries.

Technical Data:

Level of Capacity:

C120   1360Ah

C48     1338Ah

C24     1242Ah

C12     1170Ah

Voltage: 2 V

Dimensions: 198*155*713*740 mm

Capacity:  1360Ah/120

Warranty_RES SOPzV_Sunlight_standard_FINAL RES_SOPzV_Operating Instructions RES SOPzV Technical Data

Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 features

Weight 68.1 KG
Type Tubular Gel Maintenance free Clear Sunlight RES 2V OPzV 1360
Voltage 2V
Ampere Hour Capacity (20-Hr Rate) 1213.2
Ampere Hour Capacity (100-Hr Rate) 1408
Energy (100-Hr Rate) 2812
Peak Rating (20 HR) 117.31
Short Circuit Current 7500
Plate Alloy Tubular plates with corrosion resistant Lead Calcium Tin Alloy.
Container/cover Polypropylene (PP) with lid welding, trimming and tightness control
Electrolyte Diluted sulphuric acid fixed as GEL.
Valve Pressure release valve. Relief valve with integral flame arrestor.
Dimensions 198 X 155 X 713 X 740
Terminal Type Accurate voltage measurements possible due to bolt-on type design. Connectors Steel bolts with plastic encapsulated heads. Insulated flexible connectors.

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