Ritar – Sealed AGM Battery – 12 Volts – 200Ah

Ritar AGM batteries with 12 years design life in float service. It meets with IEC, JIS and BS standards .With up-dated AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw materials, the RA series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life.
It is suitable for UPS/EPS, medical equipment, emergency light and security system applications.

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Ritar – Sealed AGM Battery – 12 Volts – 200Ah

Sealed Lead Acid Battery from Ritar – 12 Volts

Valve regulated lead acid battery with 200Ah storage capacity! Maintenance free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery in a long and flat design suitable as additional battery for boats, caravans or other mobile applications.

While the battery comes with carry handles you may want to use a trolley / pulley when moving / lifting this battery (60kg).

Ritar RA batteries are condensed and powerful deep cycle batteries with 10 years floating design life. No maintenance required.

Known for reliability Ritar – Sealed AGM Battery – 12 Volts – 200Ah

The most popular choices of deep cycle batteries include AGM, GEL and lead acid types. Of these the AGM and GEL batteries are maintenance free where as the lead acid batteries require regular maintenance.

RITAR batteries are well known for their stable and reliable performance. They are easy to maintain; thus permitting a safe and proper operation of the equipment that the battery powers. The battery can withstand overcharge, over discharge, vibration and shock. It is also capable of extended storage.


The Ritar – Sealed AGM Battery – 12 Volts – 200Ah unique construction and sealing technique guarantees that no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals or case of any battery. This feature insures safe and efficient operation of the batteries in any position. The batteries are classified as – Non-Spillable – and will meet all requirements of the International Air Transport Association.


During the expected float service life of RITAR batteries, there is no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte, or add water. In fact, there is no provision for these maintenance functions.

The batteries are equipped with a safe low pressure venting system, which operates from 1 psi to 6 psi. The venting system is designed to release excess gas in the event that the gas pressure rises to a level above the normal rate. Afterwards, the venting system automatically re-seals itself when the gas pressure level returns its normal rate. This feature prevents excessive build up of gas in the batteries. This low pressure venting system, coupled with the extraordinarily high recombination efficiency, make RITAR batteries the safest sealed lead-acid batteries available.

Please charge batteries before using.

Weight: 60 Kilograms
Warranty: 1yr

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