LORENTZ PS 9k2 C-SJ8-44 Submersible Pump System


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Controller PSk2-9

  • High efficiency solar pump controller
  • Hybrid power (solar / grid / generator) support with LORENTZ
  • Inputs for water meter, pressure sensors, digital switches
  • Simple configuration with LORENTZ PumpScanner AndroidŒApp
  • Onboard data logging and system monitoring
  • Inbuilt applications for constant pressure, constant flow and daily amount
  • Integrated Sun Sensor
  • Active temperature management
  • Integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

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LORENTZ PS 9k2 C-SJ8-44 Submersible Pump System

The LORENTZ PS 9k2 C-SJ8-44 Submersible Pump System are our next generation of solar water pumps designed to deliver the higher volume of water in a wide range of heights. The PSK2 pumps operate equally well in projects of irrigation and drinking water applications where wide area reliably meet the most demanding requirements, economically and without the use of fossil fuels or network connection.

PSK2 provides all the features and functions that water projects require larger scale including a wide range of sensor inputs and built-in monitoring and management. PSK2 also supports LORENTZ CONNECTED services for cost-effective remote monitoring and management. Although technically advanced, PSK2 is simple to specify, install and maintain and offers outstanding performance driven by the long experience of LORENTZ solar pumping out of network.

LORENTZ PS 9k2 C-SJ8-44 Submersible Pump System benefits

  • Strong ROI compared to diesel driven pump, which reduces production costs of water and carbon footprint
  • Power management techniques to deliver more water based on the available power
  • Inputs and outputs comforts for a comprehensive economic solution for single unit
  • Wide range of products to better correspond to each application and efficiency optimizer
  • Specification, installation and quick configuration allow rapid deployment and minimal down time
  • Smart Modular Design product for repair simple and profitable product
  • Monitoring functions and powerful control that are incorporated provide detailed operational information and easy access to advanced features


  • Designed in Germany to high quality non-corrosive
  • Housing IP54 / NEMA 3A resistant to corrosion
  • 0-60Hz control engine speed
  • Wide range of inputs to influence the behavior of the pump
  • Built monitoring and management including integrated data recording performance for five years, access to Android ™ App PumpScanner through smart devices and integration with remote management service LORENTZ pumpMANAGER
  • Irradiation incorporated measurement and control of the pump based on the power available
  • Integration with LORENTZ SmartPSU for connection to the grid / generator and a mixture of power

PS9k2 C-SJ8-44

System immersed pump for 6 “wells

Range of systems

  • Height max. 180 m
  • Flow max. : 12 m³ / h


  • driver PS9k2
  • Control inputs for dry run protection, remote control, etc.
  • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and temperature exec
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) integrated
  • Max. 9.5 kW
  • Input voltage max. 850 V
  • Optimal Vmp *:> 575 V
  • Motor current max. 14 A
  • Efficiency max. 98%
  • Temp. Environment: -30 … 50 ° C
  • Type of protection: IP54

Motor AC DRIVE SUB 6 “7.5kW

  • Motor CA-phase high efficiency
  • Frequency: 25 … 50 Hz
  • Premium materials, stainless steel AISI 304
  • Without electronic elements on the engine
  • Engine speed: 1,400 … 2,850 rpm
  • Power factor: 0.87
  • Insulation class: F
  • Type of protection: IP68
  • Immersion max. : 300 m

Pump head PE C-SJ8-44

  • Non-return valve
  • Premium materials, stainless steel AISI 304

Undidad pump PU C-SJ8-44 (Motor, pump head)

  • Min drilling diameter. 6.0 in
  • Water temperature max. : 30 ° C


  • 2006/42 / EC, 2004/108 / EC, 2006/95 / EC

Meets the Requirements of:

  • IEC / EN 61702: 1995
  • IEC / EN 62253 Ed.1
Head max. 180 m
Flow rate max. 12 m³/h
Controller PSk2-9
Power max. 10 kW
Input voltage max. 850 V
Optimum Vmp** > 575 V
Motor current max. 17 A
Efficiency max. 98 %
Ambient temp. -30…50 °C
Enclosure class IP54
Pump Unit  PUk2-9 C-SJ8-44
Borehole diameter min. 6,0 in
Water temperature max. 30 °C
Pump end PE C-SJ8-44
Material AISI 304
Motor AC DRIVE CS-G 5.5kW
Motor Speed 1 400…2 905 rpm
Input voltage 380 VAC
Frequency 25…51 Hz
Power factor 0,87
Material AISI 304
Submersion max. 300m
Insulation class F
Enclosure class IP68

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