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Hober 11 Kilowatts MPPT Hybrid solar Water Pumping inverter

The Hober 11 Kilowatts Three Phase Hybrid MPPT Solar Water Pumping inverter main functions include converting the DC power into Ac Power to drive the pump, and real-time adjust the output frequency to achieve the maximum power point tracking. The inverter is appropriate for three-phase pumps with power requirements below 11000 Watts. Output 380V Three Phase 50/60Hz

Ac input : Three Phase 380V/415V 50/60Hz

Solar input 450~900VDC

Hybrid AC Power Input


Download Hober 11 Kilowatts Three Phase Hybrid MPPT Solar Water Pumping Inverter pdf datasheet here

KSh 119,000.00 KSh 139,000.00 ex. TAX - KSh 119,000.00 inc. TAX


Hober 11 Kilowatts Three Phase Solar Water Pumping Inverter

Hober 11Kw Three Phase Solar Pumping Inverter converts the DC power of the PV array to Three Phase-AC power and drives the pump, according to the power of PV array output, regulates output frequency and let PV output max power at all times.

Hober Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Inverter Brand Introduction

Hober 11Kw Three Phase Hybrid Solar Pumping Inverter Advantage:

  • Hybrid (Solar, AC Power, Battery, Diesel generator)
  • Automatic switching
  • MPPT MEPT function
  • Solar Booster for saving solar panels
  • Metal Shell, Waterproof IP65
  • Setting working time, Control the flow
  • Film capacitor 100000 working hours
  • Work with three phase 380V/415V pumps that meet its output parameters.
  • Has accessible sensor connectors for both thank and borehole.
  • Unique High PV Voltage support of up to 900V unlike most other brands in the market.

Hober 11 Kilowatts Three Phase Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Inverter Features:

  1. Convert the DC power of solar array into AC power to the water pump. Soft start and Variable Frequency drive the pump.
  2. Second Generation of MPPT Function: Automatic /don’t need set MPPT voltage by LCD/LED. Efficiency is Max to 30% higher than the inverter who need to set the MPPT Voltage, more output water flow.
  3. One key for startup/Stop, support to adjust the output water flow also.
  4. Without battery, storing water is more efficient than storing electricity, reduce the cost of construction, operating and routine maintenance
  5. Protection: Over temperature, over input voltage, over input current, overrated load, input anti-reverse output short circuit, phase missing, phase unbalance, lighting, dry run protection by software/Well sensor, waterproof.
  6. water level detective of tank for overflow, Optional of pressure sensor for long distance between the well and tank.
  7. Mobile phone control or computer remote monitoring through RS485/GPRS/wifi/Ethernet(optional)

Typical Hober 11 Kilowatts Solar Water Pumping inverter Applications include:

  • Residents living water 
  • Irrigation
  • Desert control
  • Solar powered Borehole water pumping
  • Livestock watering
  • Water treatment projects, etc.

Hober 3.7Kw Solar water Pumping Inverter in kenya key features

Hober 3.7Kw Solar Pumping Inverter dimensions and views

3.7kw Hober Solar Inverter in kenya

Hober water Pumping Inverter in kenya

Hober 11 Kilowatts Three Phase Hybrid Solar Water Pumping Inverter Technical Parameters

Solar Panel DC Input
Max Voc Voltage
Min Vmp Voltage
Recommend Vmp Voltage
≥500V (Only Solar), ≥560 V (Hybrid Power)
Max MPPT Efficiency
Max Input Current
36 A
Number Of Strings
Over load Power
Automatic MPPT Function to Identify the Voc and Vmp of Solar Panel,without programming
Hybrid AC/Generator Input
3 Phase 380/400/440V
Max Input Current
27 A
Hybrid Mode
Automatic .AC supplement automatic while solar is in low power mode and AC disconnect automatic while solar power recovery
AC Output (For Pump, Rerator, Fan Parameters)
Max Adapted AC Pump Horse Power
15 HP
Max Adapted AC Pump Power
Drive Mode
3Phase Variable Frequency Drive
Max Output voltage
Max Output frequency
50 ~ 60 Hz (support program range 15 to 60Hz)
Max Output Current
37.5 A
Max Efficiency
Water Level Sensor(Borehole / Tank)
GPRS SMS Monitor&Controller
Support Remote Monitoring & Control System (SPMCS)
LCD display
< 50dB
Cooling Method
Force Cooling by Fan (IP68)
Operating Enviornment
Operating Environment Temperature
-10 to 60℃, Above 60℃ need to derate load
Max Humidity
Using Altitude
< 3000m, Above 3000m need to derate load
Prohibiting the installation location: direct sunlight, thick dust, corrosive gas or oil mist, flammable gas, liquid.etc
550*350*285 MM
15.5 KG

The hybrid solar water pumping inverter is carefully designed and manufactured by Foshan Hober Electric Company Ltd in China meeting most European, American and Global standards.

Hober 11Kw Three Phase Solar Water Pumping Inverter typical application.


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