15 Kw Three Phase, Hober Solar Water Pumping Kits (Borehole)

Hober Solar Water Pumping Kit (Borehole solarization kits)

  • Pump size: Below upto 15KW
  • Power Supply: Three Phase
  • Solar Panels Power: 22000 Watts
  • Inverter Rating: 18KW
  • PV Cable: 150 meters, 4s. Mm
  • PV disconnect: 4 Pole, suntree
  • D.C Breaker: 4 Pole – Suntree
  • AC breakers: 3-pole
  • MC4 Connectors: 2 Pairs

KSh 840,000.00


15 Kw Three Phase, Hober Solar Water Pumping Kit (Borehole)

Our Solar Water Pumping solution, often referred to as Borehole Solarization Kits, is designed for efficient and eco-friendly water supply. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Pump Size: Ideal for pumps with a power rating of up to 15KW, ensuring versatility and broad compatibility.
  2. Three-Phase Power Supply: This setup supports reliable and consistent water pumping.
  3. Solar Panels Power: With 22,000 Watts of solar panel power, you can harness ample energy from the sun.
  4. Inverter Rating: Our 18KW inverter optimizes energy conversion for efficient water pumping.
  5. PV Cable: A generous 150 meters of 4s. mm PV cable ensures flexibility in system placement.
  6. PV Disconnect: Equipped with a 4-Pole Suntree PV disconnect for safety and control.
  7. D.C Breaker: A 4-Pole Suntree D.C breaker adds another layer of protection to your system.
  8. AC Breakers: 3-pole AC breakers offer additional safety features.
  9. MC4 Connectors: Comes with 2 pairs of MC4 connectors for easy and reliable panel connections.

This comprehensive kit empowers you to access water sustainably, harnessing solar energy for a greener future.

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