Growatt MOD 25KTL3 -X 25Kw Grid-Tie Three-Phase Solar Inverter


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Growatt 25KTL3-X 3ph Inverter with Dual MPPT


The new Growatt MID 15-25KTL3-X range of 3-phase inverters is lighter and more compact than previous models. It is suitable for residential and small commercial installations.

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  • Max.efficiency 98.7%
  • Lightweight / durable / fireproof
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • Data storage up to 25 years
  • Built-in type II DC and AC surge arresters
  • Adapted to the self-consumption analysis (Smart Meter required)
  • Intelligent IV diagnosis and active problem detection
  • Built-in DC disconnector
  • Ground fault monitoring
  • Network parameters monitoring
  • Integrated current leakage monitoring system
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Supports export control
  • IP65 (can be mounted outside the building)
  • 10 Year warranty

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Growatt is the No.1 residential solar inverter supplier and is also one of the top 3 PV inverter suppliers for distributed generation solar energy since 2018 and ranks among global top 10 PV inverter suppliers.

The World’s  Manufacturer provides of residential, commercial and utility photovoltaic inverters, energy storage, microgrid systems and smart energy management solutions.

Growatt MID 25KTL3-X1 Three Phase Inverter 25000kW

  • 40% compact and lighter
  • The maximum efficiency is up to 98.8%
  • AFCI function optional
  • Self-consumption monitoring
  • Touch key and OLED display
  • Type II SPD on DC and AC side


  Growatt MID 25KTL3-X1 – Datasheet

  Growatt MID 25KTL3-X1 – User Manual

  Growatt MID 25KTL3-X1 – Certificate

Technical Data

Model MID 25KTL3-X1 | MID 30KTL3-X | MID 33KTL3-X | MID 36KTL3-X | MID 40KTL3-X
Max. recommended PV power 37500W | 45000W | 49500W | 54000W | 60000W
Max. DC voltage 1100V
Start voltage 250V
Normal Voltage 600V
No. of MPP trackers 3 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 4
AC nominal powe 25000W | 30000W | 33000W | 36000W | 40000W
Nominal AC voltage 220V/380V, 230V/400V (340-440V) | 50/60 Hz (45-55Hz/55-65 Hz)
Max. output current 40A | 50.5A | 55.5A | 60.0A | 66.6A
Max.efficiency 98.8%
AC/DC surge protection Type II / Type II
Weight 29.5kg | 29.5kg | 29.5kg | 30.5kg | 30.5kg
Dimensions 580/435/230mm
Interfaces: RS485 / USB / WiFi/ GPRS / RF/ LAN Yes/Yes/Optional/Optional/Optional/Optional

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