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Agrosol 150Liters Indirect On Roof Indirect (Closed Loop) Solar Water Heater


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Agrosol Solar Water heaters are very popular in Kenya. They are made in Europe and have become a favorite brand for high-end estates, hotels, and institutions. The system is supplied complete with a heater element and controller. It also has a 5 years warranty conditional to professional installation.

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150 Liters Agrosol Indirect On Roof Indirect (Closed Loop) Solar Water Heater

Agrosol 150Liters Indirect Solar Water Heater

150 Liters Agrosol Indirect On Roof Indirect (Closed Loop) Solar Water Heater Technical Details

Made of high heat-absorbing materials.
Absorptive aluminium surface with Blue selective coating technology.
Lightweight for easy transport and installation
Safety glass with high permeability
Back and side glass wool insulation
Vertical or horizontal mounting possibility.
8 available sizes range from 1.5 m² to 2.9 m².
Global installation system with internal movable parts
One-piece anodized profile, non-corrosion technology for ultimate seal against moisture and air micro-particles.
Safety glass with high permeability.
Back and side glass-wool insulation.
HARP type absorber (22mm headers and 8mm risers) welded

Advantages of 150 Liters Agrosol Indirect On Roof Indirect (Closed Loop) Solar Water Heater


Ideally, the solar panel uses energy from the sun. This means we do not have to pay a single penny to the power grid for using electricity. Being a renewable source of energy, it is completely free and available each day. All we need to do is figure is how to fine-tune our panel to optimize the performance in cloudy weather. You can contact the best solar water heater suppliers to know more about how solar water heater can be effective in all the seasons.


One of the primary reasons solar panel has great outweigh than any other form of energy is that when it comes to heating water is the efficiency, they bring to us. Efficiency here means the solar panels convert almost up to 80% radiation into the heat energy without making use of any external fuels.

Cheap installation

You will spend a lot less to install a solar panel in comparison to a PV panel. A good way to earn rewards is by transferring the unused unit back to the electricity grid. They are a one-time investment for long term benefits.

Save space

If there is thought of space for mounting a solar PV panel, we do not need to worry about it as well. If the room is not enough, we can go for a thermal panel.

Save for environment

The world is accepting ‘green’ and there is no greener energy than solar panels. They have no dependency on fuels, have zero-emission, and lower carbon footprints.

Low maintenance

Solar water heaters do not require high maintenance. It only demands simple cleaning. As it does not contain any moving parts, there will be no tear and break which would need regular repairing attention. The manufacturer of solar water heater guarantee that it will work for almost 20-25 years but tend to work longer.

Wrapping up!

Solar water heater requires an initial investment but is always a better alternative for heating water. The only thing we need to remember is the correct number of solar panels in order to meet the appropriate requirements of heating at your home.

It is advisable to connect to professionals for solar water heating mounting. If you are looking for an expert solar water heater in Ahmedabad, you should take a step towards the Citizen Solar. They are a recognized solar water heater supplier, known for offering top-notch quality and service.

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