3.7 Kw Three Phase, Hober Solar Water Pumping Kits (Borehole)


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Hober 3.7 Kw Water Pump inverter (Borehole solarization kits)

  • Pump size: Below upto 2200 Watts
  • Power Supply: Three Phase
  • Solar Panels Power: 4000 Watts
  • Inverter Rating: 3.7KW
  • PV Cable: 50 meters, 4s. Mm
  • PV disconnect: 2 Pole, suntree
  • D.C Breaker: 2 Pole – Suntree
  • AC breakers: 2-pole
  • MC4 Connectors: 1 Pair

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  • Hober 3.7 kW Water Pump Inverter (Borehole Solarization Kits)
    • Pump Size: Suitable for pumps up to 3700 watts
    • Power Supply: Three-phase compatibility
    • Solar Panels Power: Generates 7000 watts
    • Inverter Rating: Robust 5.5 kW
    • PV Cable: Included 50 meters of 4 sq. mm cable for flexible panel placement
    • PV Disconnect: Features a reliable 2-pole PV disconnect from Suntree
    • D.C Breaker: Equipped with a 2-pole D.C breaker from Suntree for safety
    • AC Breakers: Includes 2-pole AC breakers for enhanced system protection
    • MC4 Connectors: Simplifies panel connections with 1 pair included

Hober presents the 3.7 kW Water Pump Inverter as an integral part of our Borehole Solarization Kits. Designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your water supply, this inverter is tailored for pump sizes up to 3700 watts and operates seamlessly with a three-phase power supply. With 7000 watts of power generated by the solar panels, and a robust 5.5 kW inverter rating, you can rely on this system for efficient water pumping.

The package includes a generous 50-meter 4 sq. mm PV cable for flexible solar panel placement and features essential safety components such as a 2-pole PV disconnect and a 2-pole D.C breaker from Suntree. In addition, you’ll find 2-pole AC breakers to further protect your system and a pair of MC4 connectors to simplify panel connections. Elevate your water pumping system’s reliability and environmental efficiency with Hober.

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