Maji Pump Kit

Maji Pump Kit


Maji Pump a solar water pump for pumping water for various uses.



They are of two types:
• MajiPump MP400 Comes with a 12V, 120 W Panel solar panel and a connection cable.
• MajiPump MP200 Comes with a 12V, 60 W Panel solar panel and a connection cable.

The basic difference is the water lift.

i.e MP400 is able to lift water up to 20 meters while MP200 up to 17 meters.

MajiPump offers a one year warranty.

Does it require any installation?
No, Its a Do it Yourself set up.

Where can I use MajiPump?
• Agricultural applications e.g Farms, Greenhouses
• Domestic applications
• Institutions application
• Hospitality application
• Other commercial applications


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