LORENTZ PS 15k2 C-SJ17-18

LORENTZ PS 15k2 C-SJ17-18

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Controller PSk2-15
ƒHigh efficiency solar pump controller
ƒHybrid power (solar / grid / generator) support with LORENTZ
ƒInputs for water meter, pressure sensors, digital switches
ƒSimple configuration with LORENTZ PumpScanner AndroidŒApp
ƒOnboard data logging and system monitoring
ƒInbuilt applications for constant pressure, constant flow and daily
ƒIntegrated Sun Sensor
ƒActive temperature management
ƒIntegrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
Power max. 15 kW
Input voltage max. 850 V
Optimum Vmp** > 575 V
Motor current max. 24 A
Efficiency max. 98 %
Ambient temp. -30…50 °C
Enclosure class IP54
Motor AC DRIVE SUB 6″ 11kW
ƒHighly efficient 3-phase AC motor
ƒFrequency: 25…50 Hz
ƒPremium materials, stainless steel: AISI 304
ƒNo electronics in the motor
Motor speed 1 400…2 850 rpm
Power factor 0,87
Insulation class F
Enclosure class IP68
Submersion max. 300 m
Pump End PE C-SJ17-18
ƒNon-return valve
ƒPremium materials, stainless steel: AISI 304
ƒOptional: dry running protection
ƒCentrifugal pump
2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC
IEC/EN 61702:1995, IEC/EN 62253 Ed.1
The logos shown reflect the approvals that have been granted for this product family. Products are ordered and supplied with the approvals specific to the market
Pump Unit PUk2-15 C-SJ17-18 (Motor, Pump End)
Borehole diameter min. 6,0 in
Water temperature max. 30 °C
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