Solar DC Pump hbp4c-110-1500-3-3-191

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Solar DC Pumps are specially designed to use solar power efficiently

1. Many useful applications for family or farm: stock watering and drip irrigation which is very effective for a family garden and water supply for cabins and remote houses.

2. Any place water is needed, but no AC power is available.

3. An ideal combination of water and sun that preserves the environment, saves energy.

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Introducing the Solar DC Pump hbp4c-110-1500-3-3-191: Harness the Power of the Sun for Efficient Water Solutions!

Discover the versatile applications of Solar DC Pumps, perfect for both family and farm needs. From stock watering to drip irrigation, these pumps excel in enhancing family gardens and supplying water to cabins and remote houses.

Whether you’re in a remote location or simply lack access to AC power, our Solar DC Pump is the ideal solution to meet your water requirements.

Experience the perfect synergy of water and solar energy, making a positive impact on the environment while saving precious energy resources.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy sustainable water solutions. Order yours today!


Model HBP4C-110-1100-7.2-68 HBP4C-110-1500-8.4-70 HBP4C-110-1500-3.3-191
PV module 275W *6PCS 330W *6PCS 330W *6PCS
DC Pump Controller 1.5HP/1.1KW 2HP/1.5KW 2HP/1.5KW
DC Pump 1.5HP/1.1KW 2HP/1.5KW 2HP/1.5KW
Daily Water Flow 6-43m3 6-50m3 6-20m3
Water head range 20-68m 30-70m 50-191m
Outlet Diameter G1 1/2″ G1 1/2″ G1 1/4″

Solar DC Pump hbp4c-110-1500-3-3-191

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Solar DC Pump hbp4c-110-1500-3-3-191

KSh89,000 Exclusive VAT

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