Veichi Single Phase 2.2 Kw hybrid Inverter

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Veichi 2.2KW Solar Pump Inverter. Solar Pumping System Converts Solar Energy Directly Into Electric Energy, And then Drives Motor To Drive Water Pumps To Pump Water From Deep Wells , Rivers, Lakes, And Other Water Sources. The System, the System Consists Of Solar Panels, Solar Pump Inverter And Water Pump.

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  • Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.
  • Support remote monitoring online through GPRS remote monitor system.
  • Work well with PMSM,AM and other pumps.
  • Book design saves installation space.

Tracking function:

Built-in with the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function, so the photovoltaic pumping system can produce better power outputs to improve the working efficiency of pumps.

Ingenuity brings brilliant control algorithm:

  • Drive a variety of loads: supports PMSM, AM, electric spindle, AC pump, etc.
  • Motor self-tune: international leading self-tune algorithm with high accuracy and consistency.
  •  High-speed low-magnetic control: high-bandwidth current vector and 12 times low-magnetic high-precision output.

Reliable performance and comprehensive and timely protection.

Solar pump protection functions:

Dry protection, low frequency protection, minimum power protection, sleep protection, overwater protection, pump overcurrent protection, etc.

Basic protection functions:

Overvoltage, undervoltage, inverter overcurrent, module fault, inverter overload, motor overload, current detection zero-drift fault, current detection fault, E2RCM fault, grounding short-circuit fault, input phase loss, output phase loss , inverter overheating, communication fault, motor parameter self-learning fault, etc.
Line-to-ground short-circuit detection: achieve full protections from the solar pump inverter to the motor.

High efficiency with excellent debugging tool.

  •  Host computer debugging software: VCACSost Ver1.3 is easy to operate and configure parameters and provides customers with unprecedented flexibility.
  •  Firmware upgrade: built-in software directly upgrades online that greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs.
  •  Traditional ports: commonly used 485 interface or fieldbus for data exchange is efficient and stable.

Fully-equipped with extensive and remarkable expansion.

  • SPI expansion port: automatic identification of expansion cards and high-speed channel optimized efficiency.
  • Extensive expansion: supports multiple types of expansion cards and owns various functions that is suitable for multifold applications;
  • The basic types are divided into communication expansion card, GPS IOT card, IOT expansion card, PG card and simple logic card.

Exquisite structure ensures high working adaptability in severe environments.

  •  Brand-new structure design: the division design of device and air duct and full enclosed design on both sides of the machine improve environmental resistance of the product;
  • Wide-tooth and high-air cooling: high-efficient heat dissipation with wide tooth surface and huge wind and high wind speed cooling fan guarantee the full power section without derating at high temperatures.
  • Great-longevity design: rigorous screening of high-quality parts and scientific layout effectively avoid high temperature rise and prolong the product life cycle.

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Veichi Single Phase 2.2 Kw hybrid Inverter

KSh39,000KSh42,000 (-7%)

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