Invt Three Phase 5.5Kw hybrid Inverter


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Invt Three Phase 5.5Kw hybrid Inverter

Package include:

  • 1 x Inverter 5.5KW
  • English user manual

1.Output Power:5.5kw

2.Rated current:13A

2.Rated Frequency :50hz/60hz

3.Output Frequency Range:0~650Hz

4.Input Voltage Range:3 phase  380V±15%

5.Output Voltage Range:3 phase 380V±15%

6.Control way: Open loop vector control(SVC)      V/F control

7.Starting Torque: G type machine:0.5Hz/150%( SVC)

8.Main function: Control and adjust the speed of the ac motor

Frequency Converter is a kind of power converter which adopts the Sensor-less vector technique and change the running speed of AC asynchronous motor by controlling the output voltage and frequency. It can exactly detect the three-phase output AC signal and the change of phase-angle just by current sensor, and correct the frequency automatically by the computing mode of sensor-less vector, so that ensure the motor fixed speed when the load changing.
Built-in parameter auto-tuning function,can automatically identify the characteristic of motor and set up related parameter, make the motor run continualy steadily even when the operating parameter of motor changes as times go by .
Protection function in all fields: protection of under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, prevention of motor stall, over-load and over-heat.
Control function special for industrial mechanic:6 kinds of multifunction programmable digital input function (99 kinds of functions are optional); 3 kinds of multifunction programmable digital output function (94 kinds of function are optional); Timer and counter, Rotation speed trace function, flip-flop function, Automatic operating function .One or more frequency converters can be dynamical controlled by one computer at the same time, besides that, one computer may simultaneously control nearly 99 sets of converters (Relay amplifier must be installed when the numbers of converters exceed 31 units ); Built-in PID function .The range of output frequency is 0.00-650.00Hz.
Adopts low inductance structure, reduce the peak voltage of circuit, strengthen the EMC function, improve the reliability of product greatly.

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Invt Three Phase 5.5Kw hybrid Inverter


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