• 200 Watts Topray polycrystalline Solar Panels

    Sold By: Solarshop

    200W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

    • High module conversion efficiency. Ideal output for single panel: 200Wh per day
    • Bypass diode minimizes power drop caused by shade and ensures excellent performance in low-light environments
    • work with all weather even when there is mist and rainly
    • EL tested solar modules; no hot-spot heating guaranteed.
    • Advanced encapsulation material with multilayered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and provide a long service life.
    • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades as well as withstand high winds (2400Pa.
    • Anti-reflective, high transparency, low iron-tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance..
    • TPT back sheet ensures smooth performance over a long period of time
  • 270 Watts Yingli Polycrystalline Solar Panels

    Sold By: Solarshop

    DC Electrical Characteristics

    • STC Power Rating 270W
    • PTC Power Rating 245.62W 1
    • STC Power per unit of area 15.4W/ft2 (166.3W/m2)
    • Peak Efficiency 16.63%
    • Power Tolerances 0%/+3%
    • Number of Cells 60
    • Nominal Voltage not applicable
    • Imp 8.8A
    • Vmp 30.7V
    • Isc 9.27A
    • Voc 37.9V
    • NOCT 46°C
    • Temp. Coefficient of Isc 0.05%/K
    • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.42%/K
    • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.121V/K
    • Series Fuse Rating 15A
    • Maximum System Voltage 1000V

    Mechanical Characteristics

    • Type Polycrystalline Silicon
    • Output Terminal Type Multicontact Connector Type 4
    • Output Cable Wire Gauge 12 AWG
    • Output Cable Wire Type PV Wire
    • Output Cable Wire Length 43.3in (1,100mm)
    • Frame Color Clear
    • Backsheet Color data not available
    • Length 64.6in (1,640mm)
    • Width 39in (990mm)
    • Depth 1.4in (35mm)
    • Weight 40.8lb (18.5kg)
    • Installation Method Rack-Mounted

    Warranty and Certifications

    • 80% Power Output Warranty Period 25yrs
    • 90% Power Output Warranty Period 10yrs
    • Workmanship Warranty Period 10yrs
    • UL 1703 Fire Classification Type 1
    • Compliances UL 1703
    • CSI Listed Yes
  • 275W JA Polycrystalline Solar Panels

    Sold By: Solarshop

    Weight: 18kg
    VMPP: 31.34V
    IMPP: 8.77A
    Voc: 38.38V
    Temp. Coefficient (Mpb): -0.41%
    Clamp position on panel: Long and short side
    Connector type: MC4
    MCS Reference: BABT 8515-120
    Pallet size:

    Silver frame poly JAP60S01

    260-280 1000V Cypress Series


    Key features:

    • JA 5BB design module reduce cell series resistance and stress between cell interconnectors improves module reliability and module conversion efficiency
    • High output, up to 17.12% highest conversion efficiency
    • Certified with DC IEC 1000V standard
    • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust
    • Outstanding performance in low-light irradiance environments
    • Excellent mechanical load resistance: Certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa)
    • High salt and ammonia resistance certified by TUV NORD

    Reliable quality:

    • Positive power tolerance: 0_ +5 W
    • Modules binned by current to improve system performance
    • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) resistant in accordance to IEC62804

    Comprehensive Certificates:

    • IEC61215, IEC 61730, CEC listed, MCS and CE
    • ISO 9001:2008: Quality management systems
    • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems
    • BS OHSAS 18001:2007: Occupational health and safety management systems
    • Environmental policy: The first solar company in China to complete Intertek’s carbon footprint evaluations program and receive green leaf mark verification for our product.

    Superior Warranty:

    • 12-year product warranty
    • 25-year linear power output warranty
  • 345W Solinc Projects Solar Panels

    Sold By: Solarshop

    The use of European production knowledge and carefully selected components are the foundation for our top quality solar modules. Solinc ensures up to date technology, durability, and the reliable high performance that our panels have become well known for.

    KSh14,900KSh17,200 Exclusive VAT
    Sold By: Solarshop

    345W Solinc Projects Solar Panels

    KSh14,900KSh17,200 Exclusive VAT
  • Amerisolar AS-6P30 – 280 Watts Polycrystalline

    Amerisolar panels are professional modules having been used in Giga-watt installations around the world. They feature high efficiencies with good voltage and current characteristics. Get 25 years limited product warranty with a limited linear power warranty of 12 years 91.2% of the nominal power output 30 years 80.6% of the nominal power output. These solar panels are good for grid-tie and solar water pumping systems.

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