Felicitysolar Hybrid Inverter 3.5KVA 48V (2.8KW)

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  1. Model No: FL-IVPM3524-3500VA
  2. Rated power: 3500va/3000w
  3. Nominal DC Input Voltage 24v
  4. Warranty period:2 years
  5. Waveform: Pure sine wave
  6. Dimension 570*315*300mm

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Product Details and Features

Felicitysolar Hybrid Inverter 3.5KVA 48V (2.8KW) comes along with several features and advantages as outlined below:-

  1. Low decibel cooling fan, high efficiency no noise.
  2. Fault alarm warning.
  3. Felicitysolar Hybrid Inverter 3.5KVA 48V (2.8KW) offers Easy installation.
  4. Remote control.
  5. Pure sine wave output voltage.
  6. Widely voltage frequency range.
  7. Three stages charge, prolong battery lifespan.

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Technical Specifications

Solar Inverter IVPS
Model 3524
RatedOutputPower(W) 3500va/3000w
Norminal DC Input Voltage 24v
Charge & Line Mode Specification
Norminal Input Voltage 220Vac
Low Line Disconnect 90Vac±7Vac
Low Line Re-connect AC Input Range 100Vac±7Vac
High Line Disconnect 280Vac±7Vac
High Line Re-connect 270Vac±7Vac
Output Voltage Waveform As same as input waveform
Efficiency(Line mode) ≥95%(Rated R load, and battery is full charged)
Transfer switch Rating AC 40A
Transfer time(AC to DC) 15ms(typocal)
Transfer time(DC to AC) 15ms(typocal)
Pass Through Without Battery Yes
Input Overload Current AC 40A
Norminal Output Voltage Dependent on battery type
Max Charge Voltage DC 40A
Charge Current Regulation Charge current adjustable:0A,10A,20A,30A,40A
Breaker Size Dependent on battery type or Self-defined
Over Charge protection Yes
Algorithm AGM
Inverter Mode Specification
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Power Factory 1
Nominal Output Voltage 220Vac±5%
Nominal Output Frequency(Hz) 50±0.3Hz/60±0.3Hz(adjustable)
Over-load Protection(SMPS) 60s@≥150% load; 120s@105%-150% load
Surge Rating 2*rated power for 5 seconds
Capable of starting electric Yes
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Output overlaod current AC 30A
Nominal DC Input Voltage 24Vdc
Low Battery Alarm 11.5V/23V/46Vdc@load<50%;11V/22V/44Vdc@load>=50%
Low  battery Recovery 11.75V/23.5V/47Vdc@load<50%;11.5V/23V/46Vdc@load>=50%
Low DC Input Shut-down 10.75V/21.5V/43Vdc@load<50%;10.5V/21V/42Vdc@load>=50%
High DC Input Alarm& Fault 15.75Vdc±0.4/31.50Vdc±0.4V/63Vdc±0.4V
High DC Input Recovery 15.5Vdc±0.4/31.0Vdc±0.4V/62Vdc±0.4V
Oprating Temperate 0 to 40
Range Storage temperate -15-60
Dimension(mm) 570*315*300mm

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Felicitysolar Hybrid Inverter 3.5KVA 48V (2.8KW)

Felicitysolar Hybrid Inverter 3.5KVA 48V (2.8KW)

KSh89,900KSh92,000 (-2%)

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