Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries

Sunlight 2v Gel RES 8 SOPzV 1360 Batteries


Cell Sunlight 6V 6RES OPzV 380 Ah (As per Data sheet)
The price is Ksh 46,000 each Battery and Minimum Set= 12 Batteries for 24 volts



Weight 68.1 KG
Type Tubular Gel Maintenance free Clear Sunlight RES 2V OPzV 1360
Voltage 2V
Ampere Hour Capacity (20-Hr Rate) 1213.2
Ampere Hour Capacity (100-Hr Rate) 1408
Energy (100-Hr Rate) 2812
Peak Rating (20 HR) 117.31
Short Circuit Current 7500
Plate Alloy Tubular plates with corrosion resistant Lead Calcium Tin Alloy.
Container/cover Polypropylene (PP) with lid welding, trimming and tightness control
Electrolyte Diluted sulphuric acid fixed as GEL.
Valve Pressure release valve. Relief valve with integral flame arrestor.
Dimensions 198 X 155 X 713 X 740
Terminal Type Accurate voltage measurements possible due to bolt-on type design. Connectors Steel bolts with plastic encapsulated heads. Insulated flexible connectors.


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