Luminous Solar Battery 200Ah 12V

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Luminous Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) Batteries are designed to offer reliable, consistent and low maintenance backup for Inverter/ UPS applications. These batteries can be subject to deep cycle applications and minimum maintenance in rural and power deficit areas.


Luminous Solar Battery 200Ah 12V

Luminous Solar Battery 200Ah 12V batteries come with  thick and heavy grid design with special alloys, which retard battery oxidation and corrosion. In effect, you get a longer life in deep cycle applications with Luminous. Today, Luminous deep cycle sealed maintenance-free batteries making them the ideal battery for Kenyan users.

Luminous Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed for connecting with solar inverters and solar charge controllers for giving longer power back up, even at night. It is designed to be charged from Solar panels in the day from sunlight. The batteries are designed using advanced tubular technology that ensures uninterrupted and regulated power availability. The main component of the battery is the lead inside it. Higher lead ensures better battery performance and quality. Lead-acid batteries are not sealed and maintenance-free hence it requires water top-up once in 8-10 months.

The solar inverter battery is engineered to deliver superior power and higher efficiency while maximizing battery life. The solar battery for home is designed to perform superbly even with heavy-duty applications. It requires less maintenance as it is built to be long-lasting for Indian conditions. The solar inverter battery is capable to withstand long and frequent power cuts.

Luminous Solar Battery 200Ah 12V features

  • Requires low maintenance: Water topping up frequency is once in 8 to 10 months.
  • Long Design Life: Long cycles (1500@80% DOD, 5000@20% DOD)
  • High-Temperature Performance: Can handle extreme weather conditions

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