Suntree mccb 4p,400Amp,380v

 Suntree mccb 4p,400Amp,380v

  1. High Current Rating
  2. 4-Pole Configuration
  3. Voltage Compatibility
  4. Economic Design
  5. IEC60947 Standard
  6. Adjustable Trip Unit
  7. DIN Rail Mounting
  8. Wide Operating Temperature Range

KSh 28,900.00 ex. TAX - KSh 28,900.00 inc. TAX

Suntree MCCB 4-Pole 400A is a robust and reliable electrical protection device designed for industrial applications. With a 4-pole configuration, a substantial 400A current rating, and compatibility with 380V systems, this MCCB ensures efficient and safe operation in various electrical setups.

Key Features

  1. High Current Rating: Robust 400A current handling capacity for industrial-grade power distribution.
  2. 4-Pole Configuration: Comprehensive protection across four poles, ensuring the safety of multi-phase systems.
  3. Voltage Compatibility: Suitable for 380V systems, common in industrial and commercial setups.
  4. Economic Design: The SM6S series offers an economic design without compromising on performance.
  5. IEC60947 Standard: Adheres to international standards for electrical distribution equipment.
  6. Adjustable Trip Unit: Features an adjustable electronic trip unit for fine-tuning protection settings.
  7. DIN Rail Mounting: Designed for DIN rail mounting, providing flexibility in installation.
  8. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for use in diverse environmental conditions.

Suntree MCCB 4-Pole 400A Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Brand Suntree
Model SM6S Series MCCB
Pole Configuration 4-Pole
Current Rating 400 Amperes
Voltage Rating 380V
Type Economic 4P MCCB
Standard IEC60947
Rated Voltage AC 415~550V
Breaking Capacity High breaking capacity for effective circuit protection
Trip Unit Type Adjustable electronic trip unit
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mounting
Operating Temperature Suitable for a wide range of temperatures

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