Suntree SL7-63 MCB – 3-Pole, 63A

Suntree SL7-63 MCB – 3-Pole, 63A

  1. 3-Pole Configuration
  2. High Current Rating
  3. Versatile Voltage Compatibility
  4. High Breaking Capacity
  5. Quick Trip Characteristics
  6. DIN Rail Mounting
  7. Compliance

KSh 1,900.00 ex. TAX - KSh 1,900.00 inc. TAX

Suntree PV Disconnect, part of the SISP40 series, is a high-performance switch designed for solar applications. With a current rating of 32A, a voltage handling capacity of 1000Vdc, and a 4-pole configuration, this disconnect switch ensures reliable and efficient operation in photovoltaic systems.

Key Features

  1. 3-Pole Configuration: Provides comprehensive protection for three phases, ensuring the safety of electrical circuits.
  2. High Current Rating: With a robust 63A current handling capacity, suitable for applications requiring higher power loads.
  3. Versatile Voltage Compatibility: Suitable for various voltage levels, making it adaptable to different electrical systems.
  4. High Breaking Capacity: Ensures effective circuit protection by handling high fault currents and preventing damage.
  5. Quick Trip Characteristics: Rapid response to faults, minimizing the risk of electrical damage and enhancing safety.
  6. DIN Rail Mounting: Designed for standard DIN rail mounting, allowing for easy and secure installation.
  7. Compliance: Adheres to industry safety standards, providing confidence in its reliability and performance.

Suntree MCB Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Brand Suntree
Model SL7-63 MCB
Pole Configuration 3-Pole
Current Rating 63 Amperes
Voltage Rating Suitable for various voltage levels
Breaking Capacity High breaking capacity for effective circuit protection
Trip Characteristics Quick response for immediate circuit interruption
Mounting Type Suitable for standard DIN rail mounting
Protection Class Designed to meet industry safety standards

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