Rutan 250W 24V Solar DC Pump

Introducing the Rutan 250W/24V Solar DC Pump: Harness Sunlight for Efficient Water Pumping! This solar-powered direct water pump kit delivers an impressive 1500 liters per hour, drawing water from depths up to 50 meters. With a 1.5 horsepower horse pump, it can pump water from a river at 2000 liters per hour for distances of 3 kilometers. No external batteries or controllers needed – simply connect to solar panels for 15-20 years of reliable operation. Perfect for wells, boreholes, and eco-friendly irrigation in small to medium-scale applications.

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Rutan 250W/24V Solar DC Pump Description

  • The Solar-Powered Direct Water Pump Kit operates efficiently using energy harnessed from sunlight, eliminating the need for external batteries or traditional electricity sources. This solar water pump boasts a water output capacity of 1500 liters per hour and can draw water from depths of up to 50 meters, making it well-suited for wells or boreholes of up to 150 feet.Key Features:
    • Capable of pumping water from a river at a rate of 2000 liters per hour, even in areas with gentle inclines, for distances of up to 3 kilometers.
    • No requirement for a separate battery or solar controller; functions solely with solar panels (2 panels of 150 watts each).
    • Ability to pump water across moderately sloped terrain for up to 3 kilometers.
    • Equipped with a 1.5 horsepower horse pump.
    • Works without the need for a controller or inverter, but not compatible with inverters.
    • Can operate without water and not sustain damage, eliminating the need for a float switch.
    • Expected product lifespan ranges from 15 to 20 years.
    • Designed for use in wells and boreholes with a diameter of 4 inches or larger, utilizing solar power for operation.
    • Direct connection to solar panels, bypassing the necessity for a solar charge controller; simply connect the pump’s two wires to the solar panel.
    • No need for a float switch as the pump can operate without water without harm.
    • Best suited for small to medium-scale applications where daily water requirements fall within the range of 10,000 to 15,000 liters.
    • Highly effective for irrigation purposes.

Rutan 250W/24V Solar DC Pump

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