Hober Solar DC Water Pump hbp4c-48-400-7.2-25

Introducing the Solar DC Pump hbp4c-48-400-7.2-25 , an efficient solution for all your water pumping needs. With a maximum head of 25 meters and a water flow of 6.5 cubic meters per hour, this centrifugal pump operates at 48V, making it ideal for various applications. Its 40mm outlet diameter and compatibility with 100mm well diameters ensure versatility.

The accompanying Solar Pumping Controller Model HBDC 750 boasts 750W of power, accepting a maximum DC input voltage of 100V and recommended MPPT voltage exceeding 48V. With an ambient temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, it’s suitable for various climates. The IP68-rated pump enclosure and an ambient water pH range of 6.5-8.0 make this system a reliable and durable choice for your solar water pumping needs.


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Hober Solar DC Water  Pump hbp4c-48-400-7.2-25 description

Hober Solar DC Water Pump is an efficient and reliable solar-powered water pumping solution. It offers 5%-10% higher efficiency compared to other inverters, eliminating the need for complex programming for optimal operation.

MAX Head:                                                                                        25m
MAX Water Flow/ hour :                                                              6.5m’/h
Pump Specifications                                                                Centrifugal Pump 48V
Pump Outlet Dia.                                                                            40mm Gl 1’1/2
Adapting Well Dia.                                                                            100 mm
Solar Pumping Controller Model                                             HBDC 750
Controller Power                                                                                  750W
Max DCInput Voltage                                                                        100V
Recommended MPPT Voltage                                                          >48V
Controller Ambient Tamperture                                                – 20 – 60 “C
Pump Model                                                                            HBP3S-48- 400-6.5-25
Motor Power                                                                                            400W
Pump Enclosure Class                                                                           IP68
Ambient Water pH Range                                                                6.5-8.0

Hober Solar DC Water Pump

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