Felicity 3.5KVA | 24V Inverter Charger (Low Frequency)

  1. Build-in battery reverse polarity protection.
  2. Adjustable charge current and output frequency.
  3. RS-232 communication interface.
  4. The generator has the function of automatic control on and off.
  5. Has a Full-function LCD and LED display.
  6. AC input and output protect switch.
  7. Build in battery temperature compensation interface.
  8. Automatic AC and PV charger after shutdown.
  9. Low frequency highly reliable pure sine wave circuit architecture.
  10. Optional 8 types of batteries, three-stage intelligent charger

KSh 56,900.00 KSh 62,900.00 ex. TAX - KSh 56,900.00 inc. TAX


Felicity 3.5KVA | 24V Inverter Charger (Low Frequency)

Felicity 3.5KVA Inverter Charger is a reliable power solution designed for off-grid and backup power applications. It converts DC power from batteries into AC power suitable for powering various electronic devices and appliances.

Key Features

    1. Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave: Provides stable and reliable power output, compatible with sensitive electronics and appliances.
    2. Intelligent Charging: Adjustable charging parameters ensure optimal charging efficiency and battery longevity.
    3. Multiple Protection: Offers comprehensive protection against overloading, overvoltage, and short circuits, ensuring safety for connected devices and the inverter itself.
    4. LCD Display: Allows real-time monitoring of input/output voltage, battery status, and operational parameters for easy management.
    5. Compact Design: Space-saving and lightweight design make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
    6. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various battery types, including lead-acid, gel, and AGM batteries, providing flexibility for different applications.
    7. Quiet Operation: Intelligent fan cooling system ensures efficient heat dissipation while maintaining quiet operation.


Felicity 3.5KVA Inverter Charger Technical Specifications:

Specification Details
Capacity 3.5KVA (3500 VA)
Input Voltage 24V DC
Output Voltage 230V AC ± 5% (Single Phase)
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Waveform Pure Sine Wave (Low Frequency)
Efficiency ≥ 80%
Charger Voltage 24V
Charger Current Adjustable (typically 20-50A)
Charging Mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Battery Type Lead Acid, Gel, AGM (selectable)
Protection Overload, Overvoltage, Short Circuit
Cooling Intelligent Fan Cooling
Display LCD Display for Real-time Monitoring
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Certifications CE, RoHS

FelicitySolar Inverter Charger 0.7KVA 12V (0.56KW)

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