Eastman 220Ah 12V Tall Tubular Deep Cycle Battery

Eastman 220Ah 12V Tall Tubular Deep Cycle Battery is a rugged brand of deep cycle, lead-acid battery with higher power density. A special assembly technology is used to enhance power density to a considerable level with the ability to reach 80% DoD.
This Indian Battery offers a dependable solution for every power backup requirement. Particularly for renewable energy solutions in home and office power setups. Eastman Tubular Battery is designed to meet even the high demands of heavy-duty applications. If you want inverter batteries that will give you peace of mind, tubular batteries are the way to go and the Eastman Tubular Battery is one of the leading Global brands made in India.

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Eastman 220Ah 12V Tall Tubular Deep Cycle Battery Description

Eastman Tubular batteries are manufactured with particular tubular positive high pressure die casted plates that are designed for longer battery life. It includes a flooded battery design involving electrolytes. These advanced batteries are all processed and are ready to use. It has exceptional Eco-friendly Aqua Trap vent plugs which abstain any acid fumes. It is swell-resistant and has no chance of explosion or overcharging. It has sustained and long-lasting life as they have less corrosion. Eastman tubular batteries have splendid features like High Acid Volume per Ampere hour, quick charge acceptance, and plate designed with special additives to get quick recovery from deep discharge at reasonable prices.

Tubular Conventional-Cross Section View

  • How Does Tubular Low Maintenance Technology Work?

    It has flooded rechargeable batteries which consist two electrodes one is lead(Pb) and other is a lead oxide(PbO2) and electrolytes are Sulphuric acid. Electrodes are dipped in Electrolytes. A chemical reaction follows between the electrodes and electrolytes inside respective batteries which induce the accumulation of DC current resulted in rechargeable batteries. It only releases H2O and gets evaporated. In Tubular batteries, the positive plate is actually a Tube made of cloth which holds the electrodes inside it and negative plate have a flat pasted structure. Tubular battery have thicker plates so they have a larger number of discharging cycle.

Eastman 220Ah 12V Tall Tubular Deep Cycle Battery Features

  •  Low cost of ownership
  •  Low water loss
  •  Easy recovery after Idle Period
  •  Lowest Electricity consumption in recharging
  •  Less fumes generation
  •  5% Extra capacity & backup WRT rated capacity

Eastman Tall Tubular Deep Cycle Low Maintenance Batteries Product Range

S.No. Model Weight (Kg) Dimensions (L x W x H)
1. EM150D 55.30 505mm x 190mm x 410mm
2. EM200D 64.20 505mm x 190mm x 410mm
3. EM230D 68.00 505mm x 190mm x 410mm
4. EM240D 71.30 505mm x 190mm x 410mm
5. EM300D 85.00 506mm x 207mm x 415mm

Comparison in between Eastman TTC & AGM VRLA

S.No. Parameter Eastman Tall Tubular Conventional AGM VRLA
1. Plate Technology Tall Tubular Plate Flat Pasted Plate
2. Life w.r.t Application Excellent performance on cyclic application Not good for deep cycle application
3. Application “Power Backup Solution-Solar/Inverter/UPS Suitable for Float Application above 1 Hour discharge rate” “Power Back up – Inverter/UPS Good for float & stand by application”
4. Electrolyte Free Flow Electrolyte Electrolyte in-between AGM
5. Water Loss Low Negligible
6. Water Top up Low water top up No water top up throughout Warranty Life
7. Life Extension Long life with regular water top up Not Applicable
8. Self Discharge Low < 3.0% Very Low < 2.0%
9. Life Cycle w.r.t DOD @27° C @ 80% DoD 1100 Cycle 450 Cycle
10. Spillage Low Spill-proof Spill-proof
11. Fumes Low Fumes No
12. Recovery in PSOC Excellent Low
13. Charger Settings Generic set point for chargers Required special set point for chargers
14. Operating Temperature Range -20 Degrees to +55 Degrees -15 Degrees to +40 Degrees
15. Terminal Type L-Type Terminal Stud Type Terminal


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