Deye 50 Kw Three phase Hybrid Ongrid Solar Inverter | High Voltage

  • Model: SUN-50K-G-LV
  • 127/220Vac,133/230Vac and 60/50Hz, three-phase system
  • Max 4 MPP tracker, Max. efficiency up to 98.7%
  • Zero export application, VSG application
  • String intelligent monitoring (optional)
  • Wide output voltage range
  • Type II DC/AC SPD
  • Anti-PID function (Optional)

KSh 1,149,900.00 KSh 1,258,900.00 ex. TAX - KSh 1,149,900.00 inc. TAX


Deye 50 Kw Three phase Hybrid Ongrid Solar Inverter | High Voltage

Deye 50Kw Three-phase-Hybrid-Ongrid Solar-Inverter is an advanced solution for maximizing solar energy utilization in three-phase grid-connected systems.

Key Features

  1. High Power Output: Generates up to 50 kW of power, suitable for large-scale installations.
  2. Three-Phase Compatibility: Designed for three-phase grid-connected systems, ensuring balanced power distribution.
  3. Hybrid Functionality: Functions as both an on-grid inverter, feeding excess energy back to the grid, and a hybrid inverter, storing surplus energy in batteries.
  4. High Voltage Operation: Capable of handling high-voltage input, maximizing energy harvesting from solar panels.
  5. Wide MPPT Range: Wide maximum power point tracking (MPPT) voltage range for capturing maximum power from varying sunlight conditions.
  6. Advanced Protection: Incorporates multiple protection features for safe and reliable operation under various conditions.
  7. Efficient Cooling: Equipped with an efficient cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
  8. Communication Interface: Includes a built-in interface for monitoring and controlling inverter performance remotely.

 Deye 50Kw Three-phase-Hybrid-Ongrid Solar-Inverter Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Model Deye 50 kW Hybrid On-Grid Solar Inverter
Phase Three-Phase
Power Output 50 kW
Operating Voltage High Voltage
Inverter Type Hybrid (On-Grid)
MPPT Voltage Range Wide MPPT voltage range for optimal performance
Rated DC Input Voltage High DC input voltage capability
Max Input Short-Circuit Current High short-circuit current handling capacity
Start-up Voltage Low start-up voltage for efficient operation
Cooling System Efficient cooling system for temperature control
Communication Interface Built-in communication interface for monitoring and control
Protection Features Overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection
Compliance Complies with industry standards and regulations
Warranty Manufacturer’s warranty for product reliability
Max.Efficiency 98.7%
Euro Efficiency 98.3%
MPPT Efficiency >99%

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