• Epever Tracer 10420AN

    • Charging current 100A; Max Open Circuit Voltage: 200V; System nominal voltage: 12/24/36 / 48VDC Auto
    • Tracking efficiency of no less than 99.5%
    • Maximum DC / DC conversion efficiency of 98.6%; Efficiency at maximum load up to 98%.
    • Lead-acid battery: AGM, GEL, Flooded, User; Lithium battery (additional accessories from EPEVER such as eBox-Wifi / Bluetooth, USB-RS485 cable are required for parameter setting of the lithium battery)
  • Epever Tracer 6415 Charge Controller


    The EPEVER® Tracer AN charge controller series is based on multiphase synchronous rectification technology (Multiphase Synchronous Rectification Technology MSRT) and the expanded MPPT control method (Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPT). With its modern dual-core processor architecture and the latest hardware design, the charge controller has a very fast control speed, is very reliable and meets a high industrial standard. The MSRT technology guarantees a very high conversion efficiency for any charging power and thus increases the energy efficiency of photovoltaic systems.

  • Epever Tracer 8420AN


    Very large range of application from caravans, single family houses to large installations.

    • MPPT charge controller 80A
    • 12-48V system voltage
    • MPP voltage range up to 144V
    • Negative grounding
    • Compatible with Lithium batteries

    Simple design of larger hybrid systems

    • Up to 8 charge controllers in parallel operation
    • Integration of grid/generator chargers
  • epever xtra 3415n charge controller


    XTRA N series controller which can carry different display units(XDB1/XDS1/XDS2) adopt the advanced MPPT control algorithm, it can minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, quickly track the maximum power point(MPP) of the PV array and obtain the maximum energy from solar array under any conditions; and it can increase the ratio of energy utilization in the solar system by 20%-30% compared with PWM charging method.

  • epever xtra 4415N Charge Controller


    The XTRA-N series is the latest member of the MPPT controller family from EPEVER. It has improved the design and performance based on the successful previous Tracer AN series.

    MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) detects several maximum power points (MPP) of the solar module precisely, so you can expect 20-30% more power from the solar module.

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