Hober Inverter WiFi/4G Online Monitoring Module

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The monitoring module connects to your inverter and allows you to access real-time data about the performance of your solar power system through a smartphone app or web portal. This can include information on the amount of energy being generated by your solar panels, the efficiency of your inverter, and the amount of power being consumed by your home or business.

Wifi Antenna, for Wifi AP
4G Antenna of 4G Module
Link Led: ON: sim card login, Off Sim card not insert
Power Led Off: power off the 4g module
Rs232 Communication socket

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Hober Inverter WiFi/4G Online Monitoring Module is a device that allows you to monitor and control your inverter remotely using a WiFi or 4G connection. It is typically installed on a solar power system that includes an inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) power that can be used in your home or business.

Technical Specifications


4G Module Working State Checking:

a. check the sim card operator in the list of “Network frequency band and rate”
b. Link led should be on, if not please check the sim card is reverse inserted or not
c. Call the sim card number that is inserted to the 4g module, it’s should be ok
d. Phone or laptop connect to Spmcs and Check internet ,please refer to 3.e if there is no internet
e. Apn configure
1. sim card insert to the phone and record the APN information
2. browser input:
3. input user: admin, password: admin
4. Basic setting->Mobile network setting->APN (configure the APN same as APN information
of the phone) ->save->reboot


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Hober Inverters WiFi4G Online Monitoring Module

Hober Inverter WiFi/4G Online Monitoring Module

KSh24,000KSh26,000 (-8%)

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