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Huawei Solar Inverters and Energy Storage Systems in Kenya

Huawei offers a wide range of solar inverters starting from 1KW to 2MW, the Huawei inverters comes with a well designed smart monitoring system, which makes it suitable for residential, commercial , utility-scale plant, and small off-grid systems. SolarShop Africa offers you genuine Huawei inverters at competitive prices, delivery within Nairobi and other parts of Kenya.

Huawei leads with technology and providing user side smart energy solutions across the world. Huawei has a strong focus on R&D investment and technology innovation. The R&D center alone has 60 engineers, who have more than ten years of experience working with solar inverters. Huawei inverters are premium products that have undergone rigorous quality control.

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Huawei inverters are extensively used worldwide for applications in: – Residential, Residential Storage Inverters, Commercial, Large scale commercial, Utility centers, Off-Grid Storage Inverters, Monitoring, Accessories: Charging and Storage Controllers.

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