Suntree Solar Dc mcb 20amp,32amp,63amp 550vdc,2pole

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Suntree Solar Dc mcb 20amp,32amp,63amp 550vdc,2pole Descriptions

  • Product name: suntree dc circuit breaker 16a 20a 32a 63a 2p 550v dc breaker solar cell circuit breaker circuit breaker mcb sl7n-63 suntree than electric.
  • sl7n-63c16 2p 550v 16a non-polarity
  • sl7n-63c20 2p 550v 20a non-polarity
  • sl7n-63c32 2p 550v 32a non-polarity
  • sl7n-63c63 2p 550v 63a non-polarity
product features and highlights
  • Rail mounting system (din type) there are 2p to connect the dc cable, positive and negative.
    the material is well assembled, not damaged, not flame-retardant.
    easy to install, safe to use
    550v 2poles
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SL7 PV DC Breaker Supplementary Protectors for Direct Current (DC) Control Circuit Applications


  • Amperage Ratings: The Suntree Solar DC MCB is available in various amperage ratings, including 20amp, 32amp, and 63amp.
  • Voltage Rating:  a voltage rating of 550VDC. This means it can safely interrupt or disconnect circuits in systems operating at up to 550 volts of direct current.
  • Pole Configuration: a 2-pole device which  indicates that it can disconnect two conductors simultaneously.
  • Safety and Function: MCBs are crucial for protecting solar system components from damage due to overload or short circuits.
Rated current ln A 10,16,32
Poles P  2 (36mm)
Rated voltage Ue V 550
Insulation voltage Ui V 1000
Mechanical life 20000 times
Electrical Life 2500 times
Trip type Thermal-magnetic
Rated breaking capacity A 6(10)kA
Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50)Uimp V 6000
Installation DIN standard rail


Suntree Solar Dc mcb 2pole 20amp,32amp,63amp 550vdc,

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Suntree Solar Dc mcb 20amp,32amp,63amp 550vdc,2pole

KSh3,400 Exclusive VAT

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