3.7Kw Jinko Three Phase Solar Water Pumping Inverter – JKPC3K7HT

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Solar Pumping Inverter - High Performance, Ultimate Control

🔌 Rated Power: 3.7 kW | Max. DC Input Voltage: 450 V | Adaptable Motor Power: 2.2 - 3 kW 🌞 Patented VI MPPT algorithm with 99% efficiency, full motor protection, and soft start capability. 🌐 User-friendly LCD display, built-in wireless module, and robust IP65 protection. 🌡️ Operates from -20°C to 60°C, compatible with various pump types, and designed for harsh outdoor environments.

Experience advanced solar technology with precise control. Boost efficiency and save power with our reliable inverter.

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3.7Kw Jinko 3Phase Solar Water Pumping Inverter – JKPC3K7HT

Technical Data for the JKPC3K7HT Solar Pumping Inverter:

  • Rated Power: 3.7 kW
  • Max. DC Input Current: 20 A
  • Max. DC Input Voltage: 450 V
  • Adapting Motor Power: 2.2 – 3 kW
  • Adapting Motor Voltage: 3PH 200-240V
  • Recommended MPP Voltage: 280 – 370V
  • Rated AC Input Current: 35 A
  • Output Frequency: 0 – 50 / 60 Hz
  • Rated Conversion Efficiency: ≥97%
  • Cooling Method: Forced air cooling
  • Display: LCD

Dimension and Weight:

  • Product Dimension: 257 × 416 × 158 mm
  • Packing Size: 465 × 340 × 248 mm
  • Net Weight: 8 kg
  • Gross Weight: 9.2 kg

Relevant Information:

  • Standards: IEC 62109-1:2010, IEC 62109-2:2011, IEC 61000-6-2:2019, EN 61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011
  • Optional Accessory: Liquid level sensor / pressure sensor, Water level switch (for well or tank), Built-in wireless communication module (Model-R)
  • Warranty: 3 years

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with various pump types using induction motors.
  • Patented dynamic VI MPPT algorithm for 99% efficiency.
  • Fully automatic with 8 years of operation data storage.
  • Soft start, full motor protections, optional water level switch.
  • IP65 protection for outdoor installation (-20°C to 60°C).
  • High-quality components, wide input voltage range, boost circuits.
  • User-friendly LCD interface with rich information display.
  • PV/AC power input with solar priority for 24/7 efficiency.
  • Optional wireless communication for remote monitoring.
  • Timing, pressure, liquid level control, and more functions.
  • Multi-pump linkage for high-flow systems, improved efficiency.
  • Installment encryption for security and activation code unlock.

Additional Information:

  • Ambient Temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • AC Input Voltage: 1PH 220 – 240 V
  • Rated AC Output Current: 17 A

Elevate your pump system with the JKPC3K7HT Solar Pumping Inverter. Harness cutting-edge technology for superior efficiency, control, and longevity.


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Jinko Solar Pumping Inverter 3.7kW

3.7Kw Jinko Three Phase Solar Water Pumping Inverter - JKPC3K7HT

KSh89,900 Exclusive VAT

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